When ordinary won’t do, carpenter’s shop Woody’s own collection or custom-made solutions are the right choice. Wood is our passion: We feel it is one of the most stylish and beautiful materials, anyone can choose for their furniture or decoration. Wood’s value is increased by its demandingness – to reach a successful result, one needs to understand the nature of wood as a material. That is why Woody offers its customers professionals, who understand today’s fashion trend and tendencies, and who are totally uncompromising with the quality and the elegance of the end result. Also, we serve our customers personally in a manner unfound anywhere in the industry.

For almost 20 years now, in our workshop situated in Espoo just next to Helsinki, Woody’s passion has been to create solutions and designs, which are as beautiful as they are functional. Whether a piece of furniture from our own collection, or a challengin custom-made solution, we always do the job with the same attitude: on wood’s own terms, with a modern touch and with a level of precision only an artisan carpenter could achieve. As a result, you get something unique, which stands both the test of time and look – it’s made and meant for you. Contact us and let’s see how we could help!